When You Order Freezer Beef


What happens when you order freezer beef (buying in bulk)?

order freezer beef

Leland will be glad to walk you through the process mentioned below to order our healthy beef and answer any questions you may have!  He tries to make this as easy as possible.

This is Leland’s pledge – in the beginning, if you are not satisfied with the quality of beef that you order from us, we will buy it back from you (within a reasonable amount of time but not if you’ve eaten most of it!).

We take your order for beef.

You will be contacted to put down your deposit approximately one to two months prior to taking the steer to the processor.  You may write a check, give cash or use PayPal. PayPal buttons are at bottom of home page in the footer. Make sure to pick the correct amount ($1000 whole; $500 half; $250 quarter).

When we know, we will give you a date when it will go to the meat processor. We will also send you a PDF copy of the cut chart so you can mark your choices.

The beef will dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 2-3 weeks before being cut. This is another way of saying “hanging”. Dry-aging helps tenderize the meat.

Once the processor knows the hanging weight, he will tell us and we will invoice you for your final payment to us minus your deposit (see example below). Included in that payment will be the kill fee ($17.50 at this time) and processing fee (.45 cents a pound).

The processor (Wajoih pronounced wah gee) will call you to get your instructions for how you want your beef cut. If you are ordering steaks, we highly recommend not to get them smaller than an inch thick. If you are very good at cooking steaks, we recommend 1-1/2″ because it is much better!

Cutting, packaging and freezing takes another few days.  It is wrapped butcher paper (waxed). Studies have shown there is very little difference between this paper and vacuum sealed; not to mention, vacuum seals can lose their seal over time.

Your order will be ready for pickup about three weeks after the date the beef goes to the processor. You are responsible for picking up the beef, which is usually in sacks.

You will pick up the meat at the processor in Ozark Arkansas. Your final bill must be paid before the beef will be released to you.

You can write a check to Lilybird Ranch.  We can bill you via a PayPal invoice.  Cash is always good, too!

You take your beef home and enjoy great taste, tenderness and lean, healthy beef!! You will also provide us with feedback (please).


One of the reasons we discourage customers from buying a quarter beef is that this is something difficult for the processor to do.  On half a beef you get to choose most available cuts from the front and the hind quarter.

With a quarter of beef, you are splitting half a steer. Because the cuts of meats in the front half different dramatically from the back half, the cuts are evenly divided between the two to make it fair for both people.

This will somewhat limit how you can have your beef cut as it is a compromise with the person who will get the other half. Also on a quarter beef, the steak will be one inch or smaller.

Again, this only applies to quarter orders.

The number of steaks, roasts and pounds of ground beef will vary significantly depending on how one requests the beef cut. The Beef Made Easy retail cut chart from the Beef Retail Organization is a great resource to determine what cuts come from what part of the animal and the recommended cooking method for each cut.

Do not use the Beef Made Easy cut chart (linked above) when you request your cuts from our processor, Ozark Custom Meats.  Not all cuts on the Beef Made Easy chart are available from our processor. We will send a cut chart of available cuts.

It is also important to recognize that not every cut can be obtained from one carcass. For example, one can choose strip steaks and the tenderloin OR T-bone and Porterhouse steaks from a loin but not both.

Another example is getting rib roast versus rib steaks. It is difficult to estimate the number of steaks one will receive from a carcass because it’s based on so many variables including animal type, size of animal and thickness of steak to name a few.

From a whole steer, one might expect approximately 14 steaks from a rib or short loin. If a combination of steaks and roasts are obtained, one could expect approximately 25 percent of the carcass weight to be available for ground beef.

If stew meat is ordered, that may count toward the total amount of ground beef received. There are many options for cutting beef and customers ordering freezer beef can customize those options to fit their preferences and lifestyle.


An example of cost breakdown is shown below based on half a steer, 350 lb dry-age weight.  Does not factor in deposit

An example of cost breakdown is shown based on half steer

$3.50 per pound per hanging weight.

Kill Charge: $17.50

Processing Fee (cutting, wrapping): .45 cents per pound

You will be invoiced for the above charges.  The total will depend upon the hanging weight.

Example cost for ½ side of beef at 350 pounds:

350 pounds X 3.50:  $1,225.00

350 pounds X .45:  $157.50

Kill Charge on half-steer:  $17.50

Pay to us:  $1,400.00 (minus your deposit for half-steer of $500.00 so final bill would be $900.00). Remember, this much beef can last up to a year, depending on family size.


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