Cattle Blog: They ARE Talking About You

After Leland began bringing home more and more cows, I began watching them more closely.  I’ve already learned that they all have mega personalities but others swear their cattle don’t.

I know ours have so much personality that sometimes a bull becomes a steer because of it.  Head-butting Leland will cause that to happen.

romagnola calf
mama’s pride’s baby

I noticed a trend during some of his picture-taking moments. Some of the calves will preen for the camera, some pose, others will come stick their noses into the camera (see above) showing off eyelashes. And some? They talk about humans (click pix to enlarge).

romagnola calves plotting
Gather round and I’ll tell you secrets
romagnola calves
He’s right behind me, isn’t he!??

Lest you think I’m paranoid, it has happened several other times.

romagnola calves
Shhhh! He’s back

Then you’ve got the dancing ones.  I had pictures of our former 1800 pound herd sire, Cool Breeze, bucking, dancing, twirling, chasing Mama up and down the field, celebrating life.

But it is one that makes me think cows are more like humans than we know:  The Hokey Pokey???

romagnola calves dancing
You put your right hoof in…


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