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Romoo-oh and Juliette

Like our ill-fated characters in the Shakespeare classic, Romoo-oh and Juliette are a tail… oops, tale almost too sad to tell.

4 beauties at local eatery
4 beauties at local eatery

Our lovebirds – um – cows – met a few weeks ago.  The boys had been alone for a long, long time. One day, four beautiful red-headed divas were delivered to the ranch. They were English beauties.

Romoo-oh staring down competition
Romoo-oh staring down the competition

Romoo-oh, the Italian hottie, took one look and was hooked. He had never seen anyone like Juliette. He followed her everywhere. He glared at his brothers, mooing them away. Juliette was HIS!

Romoo-oh & Juliette local eatery
Romoo-oh & Juliette local eatery

He took her to the local eatery. Together, they defied all smirks and snarky comments about their differences.

girlfriends do talk
girlfriends do talk

Romoo-oh could care less that Juliette’s friends tried to talk her out of seeing him. He knew she wouldn’t listen.  He was in luv!

PDA Staring Disdain
PDA, Staring, Backs Turned

Romoo-oh had no problem with PDA. He did not care that others stared or turned their backs on them.

Juliette mooing her love
Juliette mooing her love

In turn, Juliette had no problem mooing her love for Romoo-oh. No matter what her friends said, she was in luv.

Glaring at unsupportive girlfriend
Glaring at unsupportive girlfriend

Juliette even stared down her unsupportive girlfriend, who lowered her head in shame.

Alas, unlike Shakespeare’s lovers, Romoo-oh proved to be faithless.  Romoo-oh suddenly saw another beauty he was interested in and Juliette was destined for another. Romoo-oh’s disinterest could have to do with her going out of heat, but who knows?

LB Renovator
LB Renovator
LB Renovator 1
Lilybird Renovator

Juliette’s head will soon be turned in our tale (when she’s old enough). She will catch the eye of LB Renovator, a studly bull. A macho bull. An older bull. He will flex his mighty muscles and Juliette will suddenly realize the difference between Ken and GI Joe.

Especially since Romoo-oh’s love is always destined to fail.  He is a steer.

And thus are the love stories on a ranch – you win some, you lose some – but there are always new babies in late Spring!

Cattle Known By Any Name is Still Steak to Me

Before I go further into blog posts, I need to make note that I use the word “cows” as a catch all.  I don’t want you to think I don’t know the terminology.  I have learned.  Alpha Hubby made me.

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LBDs and Muck Boots

Sexy Tangled Legs

I’ve been asked by former city-fied friends what it is like being married to my husband.  Most of the people asking are pretty much people like me.  If they stepped in a cow-paddy, it was certainly by accident. And they would be wondering why there was a cow wandering in the city.

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Attitudinal Cattle

When I married my husband umpty-squat years ago, he was an Engineer at the nuclear plant. That was where we met so it was a safe assumption that he was an Engineer. 

Boy was I wrong. A couple of years into our marriage I found out that he wanted to get back to raising cattle, only this time he wanted to do it God’s way. Now me? Did I see myself around cattle? Not so much.

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