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Healthy Cattle at Lilybird Ranch:  we raise healthy beef cattle for our customers. Focusing on Red Poll, British Whites, Shorthorn, Black Angus, and Wagyu, we want our beef to tantalize the taste buds;  Tender, juicy, healthy.

We use a hybrid method of growing them. We do not use an antibiotic regiment or growth hormones. We use no chemical fertilizer (see SEA-90 information, below).  We are committed to using healthy options for our cattle.

Throughout the year our healthy cattle graze on high quality pastures with a ration of custom developed sweet feed.  During winter months they have a diet of superior hay along with the sweet feed.

The cattle receive approximately one percent (1%) of body weight of ration (sweet feed) daily and all the grazing they want.  They have several acres to graze on thus eliminating stress on them. They have also been raised together so they have bonded thus eliminating stress.

The cattle thrive naturally in an uncrowded, low-stress environment. They are allowed free access to plenty of good, natural food, fresh air, and fresh water.


Studies show that America’s ranchers strive to utilize proper handling methods that reduce the stress of the animals in their care.   Studies have also shown that the conditions under which animals are treated play a large part in the quality of meat they produce.  When animals are startled, stressed, and/or handled roughly, they secrete adrenaline throughout their bodies.  This adrenaline is nature’s muscle turbo charger and stimulates the animal’s ‘fight or flee’ instinct.

If the animal is not allowed to run this steroidal hormone out of their system, it will deposit in the muscles and contribute to the toughening of the meat. The end result is a less pleasurable eating experience for the buyer’s (i.e., tough beef or bad flavor).

Our cattle are handled humanely to minimize stress and they enjoy peaceful surroundings.  Again, studies have shown that the conditions under which animals are treated play a large part in the quality of meat they produce.  We believe that by minimizing stress on the mother throughout her life we minimize stress on her offspring.  We work our cattle by enticement (sweet feed) thus create the least amount of stress.  We truly do have happy cattle with personality!

Our weaning process also minimizes stress on cow and calf.  They are separated from each other by a fence line that allows them to see each other and to bed down in the same area.  Even though they are separated by a fence, as long as they can see one another, they think they are still together as a herd and are not frightened or stressed.


We do not use regiments of antibiotics or steroids on our cattle.  The growth and health of our cattle are through their grazing healthy pastures and selected grain.  We do not use commercial fertilizer on our pasture or chemicals.  However, we do use SEA-90 marine mineral solids on our pastures which are natural crystals produced through solar dehydration of H20 from sea water trapped in retention ponds. SEA-90 is created from a sea considered to be one of the most mineral-rich on earth.

Pastures treated with the sea’s perfectly balanced minerals and trace elements increases the nutrient density to maximum levels.  It is known that 16 trace elements have critical biological functions, but many more are suspected to play a role in cellular function and molecular design.

Soil microbiological activity and plant growth and development is enhanced when the concentration of sodium chloride in seawater derived SEA-90 is applied at specific rates. This process is giving our cattle all the minerals and trace elements needed for their health and growth through the process of grazing pastures treated with SEA-90.

During nursing the calves receive the benefits of the sea minerals consumed by their mothers.  In turn as the calves begin to graze on their own and beyond weaning their health is maintained.  Another benefit is to the consumer of the beef as they are consuming beef that has been raised on pastures treated with sea minerals and trace elements.


Along with healthy practices, we also trust God to help us raise the best tasting beef, the most peaceful healthy cattle, and making right choices for the cattle. We do pray over our cattle, trust God and angels to keep us all safe, and have proof this is an excellent practice – including Him in our life and cattle.


Luke 12:27 (YLT) Consider the lilies, how do they grow? they labour not, nor do they spin, and I say to you, not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these; 

Matthew 6:26 (MSG)  Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. And you count far more to Him than birds. 


Something to keep in mind:  our lean beef cooks more quickly—some sources say in about two-thirds the time you may be used to and at a lower heat temperature.  Generally, you’ll also find that cuts cooked rare and medium-rare are just about perfect, even if you normally like them cooked to medium.

Trust me when I say that every person who has purchased beef from us has overcooked their first steak. It is still delicious but if you like medium-rare, you will stare daggers at the person who cooked the beef (i.e., didn’t listen).


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