Welcome to:   a cattle blog, Little Black Dress on the Prairie Blog

What, you ask, is a cattle blog?  Or Little Black Dress on the Prairie blog? It is a place I will chat about the effects of cows on LBDs. And heels. And a girl who NEVER imagined herself on the Prairie much less in a cow paddy.

No, not really. It is more a place I just rant and rave about the effects of cattle on a woman who’d only seen one cow up close, once, when she was 12, and it freaked her out.

Then she fell in love with a man. She “thought” she married an electrical engineer.  Nope. He was faking it. His secret desire was to raise cows God’s way. So 17 years after they married, Alpha Hubby got his first two calves.

Alpha Hubby raises the cows. I just tag along, learning things as I go. I’m not actively involved in the raising of these spoiled beasts highly intelligent creatures. I just enjoy their antics, enjoy outsmarting them when I can (rarely), enjoy Alpha Hubby’s stories, and, of course, enjoy learning.

I will put the links to each post on this page starting with the oldest one first.

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The Problem With Being Too Nice to Cows

They ARE Talking About You






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