Lilybird Ranch Freezer Beef For Sale

Freezer Beef for Sale:*


You want Lilybird Ranch Beef  for your freezer
(Locally sourced. We will deliver for a price.)

Check back for Red Market Meat storefront  updated information. Coming Soon.

What is freezer beef (or locker / rail beef)? This is when you purchase beef in bulk for your freezer.

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Guide to Beef Cuts

You purchase whole, half or, in some cases, a quarter** steer. The steer is taken to a processor who will, in turn, make sure you get the beef back in pretty packages (white waxed or vacuum sealed). Normally you get to choose what cuts you desire.

This method is more economical than buying individual cuts, and at Lilybird Ranch is much leaner and healthier than what is found in grocery stores.

Our beef is consistently tender, excellent tasting beef raised in a sustainable ranching system without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Our feedback is also consistent in that people say it is the best beef they’re ever eaten.

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Freezer Beef for SaleNone Available at this time.

We are in transition, setting up in Montana. Check back to updates or email and ask to be notified when the freezer beef will be available again.

Call 479-518-3001

Minimum purchase: We prefer Half and whole. A quarter is very difficult to cut fairly (call to discuss extenuating circumstances)*

Online Sales via Red Market Meat:  Coming soon. Check back often.

Click HERE for information on what to expect when ordering freezer beef, cut possibilities, and the like.


We have some single customers and small families who don’t need half or whole beef and would prefer a quarter. Call (479-518-3001) for availability.

One of the reasons we discourage customers from buying a quarter beef is that this is something difficult for the processor to do. On half a beef you get to choose most available cuts from the front and the hind quarter.

With a quarter of beef, you are splitting half a steer. Because the cuts of meats in the front half different dramatically from the back half, the cuts are evenly divided between the two to make it fair for both people.

This will somewhat limit how you can have your beef cut as it is a compromise with the person who will get the other half. Also on a quarter beef, the steak will be one inch or smaller.


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