It’s Raining… Cows! Halleluia!

So.  The other day I learned a little something about sending Leland to look at cattle for sale. It’s dangerous.

A rancher called him and asked if Leland was interested in buying some of his Romagnola cows. Remember, cows are girls who’ve had babies.  Women cows.

So he calls me on the way back from the guy’s ranch and I asked,
“Did you find anything you liked?”

There was a long silence, his side.

“Um, yeah,” he replies.  “I bought… um, fourteen.”

Long silence, my side.

“OK,” I said, “explain this to me?  You went to buy one or two!”

some on the right
some on the right

It seemed the man liked Leland and decided to sell all of his cows in this one section to Leland.  He quoted a great price and while they were older cows, they had all the Italian genetics we’ve been looking for.  In other words, those closer to the original cattle that came here to the U.S. from Italy via Great Britain and Scotland in the early 70’s.

some on the left
some on the left (red ones purchased a week before white ones

So he came home with 19 cows and – ready? A promise that he’d have first choice with his remaining herd, 19 of them – which the seller called about the next week and Leland ended up purchasing – along with 7 others.

I don’t know if this guy is just a great salesman or Leland’s a rube or it was meant to be.  Oh OK, I know – it was meant to be. They are a perfect addition to our herd and catapulted us to closer to where we want our herd to be.

some more on the left & nosy babies
some more on the left & nosy babies

So now you see why this is an apt title – we gained 40 cows from that one short road trip to check out a few available cattle.

one little red to be white one
red soon to be white Full Blood Romagnola
one little black one
Mr. Black, Romagnola and Angus

Oh, and did I say that they’re pregnant?  Now we have twelve of these up above on the ground, running around, chasing one another, butting heads, butting posts, butting hay bales and flinging the hay everywhere (which is why there is hay all over the ground), butting Leland (well, trying to), and hiding from their mamas.  I don’t have many pictures of them yet but they’re a hoot.

four calves
four calves

Who knew?

He brought me home some Redneck entertainment.

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