Ebony and Ivory and Black and White

I was watching the calves intermingle, play, butt heads, chase one another, and sleep together.  I realized there were so many colors of calves out there.

multi-colored group
multi-colored group

If you recall, some of those heifers Leland ended up purchasing came to us bred (pregnant).  Of the 20, 13 have had their calves (aren’t you really impressed that I’m using proper terminology? Me too!).  I actually had to go back to the earlier post, Cattle Known By Any Name Is Still Steak to Me, for me to remember what these heifers were called – AND then found out I had one more name to add – just COWS (mature). They’ve had more than two babies.

Now our white Romagnola mamas were bred by a black Angus bull. You would think their baby’s would come out black.  But no.

They came out all sorts of colors – brown, black, black-red, blackish, brown-red-black, grey-silver, and one light brownish.  And we already had fawn, fawn-fading and fawn-white because she’s shedding (click on pix to enlarge).

And the important thing? They don’t see color.

They make friends no matter what color they are. Cattle doesn’t care. They enjoy playing and enjoy each others’ company (hmm, as humans, we could take a lesson).

ing around the posey

And no, they aren’t playing Ring Around the Rosie.

nosy about newbie

I have learned calves are amazingly NOSY. They are simply introducing themselves to a new calf.

U see my eyelashes
See my eyelashes?

Nosy. Some actually want him to take their pictures!

wrong way
wrong way

And then you see something like this.  I hate to tell you that Alpha Hubby had named one Poopy Head – can you guess why? And yes, neither one stop nursing backwards simply because Mom doesn’t care he/she’s back there.

Life on a ranch. Indescribable!

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