Attitudinal Cattle

When I married my husband umpty-squat years ago, he was an Engineer at the nuclear plant. That was where we met so it was a safe assumption that he was an Engineer. 

Boy was I wrong. A couple of years into our marriage I found out that he wanted to get back to raising cattle, only this time he wanted to do it God’s way. Now me? Did I see myself around cattle? Not so much.

I was afraid of cows (that’s all I knew to call them back then). I met one when I was 12-ish, totally by accident. My country cousin had taken my brother and me down to show us “city folks” a fishing pond. The minute the cousin said there were snakes, I opted to walk back to the house, quick-fast. I walked into the field across from the pond, and low and behold, there stood a cow. A huge, taller than me cow.

Cow was eating grass, totally ignoring me, but I froze. I just knew this cow was going to charge me and gore me with its horns (if it even had them). I don’t think she ever stopped eating grass as my cousin laughed his head off and led me back to the house. Never forgot that.

Several years after I married, we moved to a property where Hubby could begin his dynasty. With a boy and a girl cow. Well, at least by this time I knew they were called a bull and a… heifer? Yeah, one who hasn’t had a baby yet.

Cool Breeze & Awesome 8-13-2010
Cool Breeze & Awesome 8-13-2010

The two had a beautiful baby girl, First Fruit, with a pretty red tuft.

FF Baby9

All was well in our world. Well, with the exception that Cool Breeze and Awesome had attitude. Mega, mega attitude. Here is a family picture.

cool breeze awesome ff 3-2012

Do these cows look relaxed to you? Check out Awesome’s ears on the right. The bull and calf look ready to run. They’d been around a over year and were still skittish. Baby took after mom and dad.

Now I will admit, when I married Alpha Hubby I didn’t know squat about raising cattle except hearing cows can be like a bunch of overgown puppies – but even I knew attitude when I saw it. A cow with attitude – and yes I know they are not all called cows but for the sake of this blog post and brevity, I’m calling them all cows unless I get specific, ok? OK!

So a cow with attitude will make you want to get rid of that cow no matter what. All you’ve done is be NICE to that cow and it cops an attitude? I don’t THINK so.

After we purchased a few more cattle that were peaceful inside and out, we realized something had to give. After purchasing a black heifer who came to us so stressed, she had no choice but to have attitude, we then had 4 cows with attitude… until the black one had two others who also had attitude.  Six cows with attitude.  Although we stuck it out long enough for Awesome to have a boy – a bull – who copped such an attitude that we knew everyone had to go – we knew a change had to be made.

I learned a powerful lesson. Just like humans need to keep toxic relationships out of their lives, cattle need toxic cows whether they be steers, bulls, heifers, or cows, kept away from peaceful cattle.

As humans when we get rid of toxic relationships, peace reigns in our home, our relationships, workplaces, etc. Same with cattle. Once Alpha Hubby got rid of the six attitudinal cows, peace reigned in the rest of the herd. It was an immediate result – no more stampeding for no reason, no more ears back, no more attitude.

I had no idea I’d learn life lessons from a herd of cattle!

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  1. Man and Leland.. i love your website. I’m so happy for you guys. Nan i miss you so much. So many good memories, will you email or text me?

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