Romagnola Beef Cattle

This information will change in the near future.  We have stopped using Romagnola cattle with the exception of our herd sire for specific purposes.  All the other Romagnola cattle have been sold.  We will be concentrating on British Whites, Red Poll, Shorthorn, and Wagyu.


Romagnola Beef Cattle (all cattle) at LilyBird Ranch are hormone and antibiotic free.
We do not use chemicals on our fields.


From: Roy Chisum
Where: Hector Arkansas
When: February 1, 2016

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Most of the cows are second generation embryos from Italy, having the original Italian genetics.

The Romagnola breed of cattle is known for producing lean meat that is healthier than most beef.

Romagnola beef cattle are tender and juicy, even when a bit overcooked (ask me how I know).  Being lean, it tends to cook faster than normal grocery store purchased beef. 

We ran our own tests over the past seventeen years prior to deciding to purchase the breed.  We tested Romagnola ground beef against big box store ground beef, a very similar Italian ground beef, two local grocery stores, and one store front of processing plant that carried good Colorado beef.  Without fail, the beef produced tender, tasty, juicy hamburgers that far outstripped anything purchased in a store. While the similar Italian breed was equal to the Romagnola, the others just failed in comparison.

We also tested for fat left in the pan after cooking (results to come as soon as Leland gives them to me)! The results were just great!

We customize our grain recipes (sweet feed) and have Sea-90 salt-improved fertile soil and grasses.  Along with our ponds fed from underground springs,  our bulls, steers and mother cows consistently produce strong, beautiful, healthy calves. 

It has been said that lean beef has less cholesterol and sodium than skinless chicken or turkey.  I only know that I barely have to salt my beef recipes like I do with other brands of beef.

Our cattle are steroid, hormone and antibiotic free.   They live in a low-stress environment.  It would probably be correct to say our cattle are a bit spoiled. Divas! Happy but spoiled!







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