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When the time is right, we will sell full blood cattle LilyBird Red Polls along with our cross, RomaRed.

These red poll cattle are known for docility and for having quality milk.  It is also to be noted they are without horns (which is something important to us).

We have taste-tested this beef and it is delicious! We compared it with our Romagnola beef and found it to be lean with a little bit of a sweeter flavor. During a recent blind taste test, the Red Poll  t-bone rated equally with our best Romagnola t-bone.


May 2017 at LilyBird Ranch

RomaRed cattle
First RomaRed Calf
Red Poll Cattle

July 1, 2016 at LilyBird Ranch:

red poll 1
Renovator and the girls 7-1-16
Renovator and the girls 7-1-16
Red Poll Romagnola 7-16
Renovator & Juliette 7-16


February 15, 2016 at LilyBird Ranch:



From:  Phil Wyrick
Where:  Adona, Arkansas
When: January 9, 2016

These are with winter coat in rain!

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January 9, 2016 at Wyrick’s Ranch:



Original information about Red Poll cattle taken from

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