What he eats, you eat.

Our cattle are growth hormone- and antibiotic-free.
The custom sweet feed fed to our cattle has no additives.
We do not use any chemicals on our fields.

Our Romagnola freezer beef is:
very lean, tasty, juicy, flavorful, and tender.

 Lily Bird Ranch Romagnola Freezer Beef Sales

We are now taking requests for next year,
June and October 2017

Call Us: 479-518-3001 or email (leland@lilybirdranch.com) to reserve today.
They are going fast!

2016 Steers
2016 Steers 14 Months Old

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Herd Sire, Buddy

Buddy 6-18-16
Buddy 6-18-16

buddy genetics cropped
Buddy Genetics (click to enlarge)

Herd Sire, Lilybird (LB) Renovator

Renovator 7-1-16 (2)
Renovator 7-1-16
LB Renovator genetics cropped
LB Renovator Genetics (click to enlarge)


Small Testimony:  We’ve met customers who told us they were unable to eat beef for one reason or another. Mainly they became very ill if they ate any beef product. 

A few were interested in testing our claim of hormone free, antibiotic free, chemical free, and steroid free. We gave them a couple of pounds of our lean ground beef to test. They tried it and told us they were never ill. 

While we can’t guarantee our beef is why, it is a good thing to keep in mind.


Lilybird Ranch began operation in 2010 with the purchase of two full blood Romagnolas from Tom Dixon, Hector, Arkansas; in 2013, the current herd sire, Buddy, was purchased from the Flanigan Ranch in LaCygne, Kansas. Forty cows were purchased from Roy Chisum in Hector, Arkansas in February 2016.

We can trace our cattle.  We know where they come from!



Something to keep in mind about our breed:  lean beef cooks more quickly – some sources say in about two-thirds the time you may be used to and at a lower heat temperature. Many a person has discovered this to their dismay – i.e., that first steak overcooked!

The good thing is that they still taste great. Generally, you’ll find that cuts cooked rare and medium-rare are just about perfect, even if you normally like them cooked to medium. Let the steak sit a few minutes before serving.

Check here for more thawing information.



Lilybird Ranch
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